Poseidon drone


32 "Poseidon" will take up combat duty

The Russian Ministry of Defense will put on alert the 32 "Poseidon."

The TASS news agency, referring to a competent source in the defense-industrial complex, reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense is preparing to ensure delivery of the Poseidon 32 to combat duty. These submarine drones are designed to perform strategic tasks.

The agency's source said that four submarines will be handed over to the Russian Navy, which are the carrier boats of the Poseidon unmanned. One boat can carry eight drones.

The Ministry of Defense plans to introduce two such submarines into the Northern and Pacific military fleets.

At present, the construction of one of the submarines specifically designed for Poseidon weapons continues at Sevmash. This nuclear submarine was named "Khabarovsk".

As explained by the source who made the message for the information agency, after certain modifications of the submarine of the 949A project, already serving in the Russian Navy, can be used as carriers of underwater drones.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry reported that the “Poseidon” is an underwater drone designed to destroy various targets. They can be, including aircraft carrier groups or coastal fortifications. The drone has a nuclear power plant.

Information about the tactical and technical data of the device is not. According to Igor Kasatonov, leading analyst of the advisory group of the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, “Poseidon” is invulnerable to all means currently existing. This is ensured by a great depth of its immersion, as well as a rather high speed of movement at such a depth. In addition, the apparatus, heading towards the goal, is capable of changing the course randomly, which makes it impossible to predict its route.