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33 passengers were seriously injured, using the services of "Ryanair"

More than 30 passengers of "Ryanair" were injured due to depressurization of the aircraft.

14 July 2018, when flying from Dublin to Zadar, the passenger airliner Boeing 737 made an emergency landing at the Frankfurt-Hahn airport. The main reason for this was a sharp drop in pressure in the cabin of the aircraft while following through the airspace of Germany.

As a result of the incident, 33 was severely affected, in particular, most of the citizens complained of headache, temporary hearing loss, and nosebleeds. All victims received medical assistance, but some passengers had to be hospitalized, but nevertheless, on the assurances of doctors, their health and lives are not threatened. The flight was postponed to a later time, as the causes and circumstances of the loss of the cabin's cabin could not be clarified.

Total on board the passenger airliner of the carrier "Ryanair" were 189 passengers.

Representatives of the Irish low-budget air carrier have not yet commented on the incident, but the air operator, most likely, compensates his passengers for a derailed air ticket.

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