Aeroflot Airline


"Aeroflot" will sue for brawling Arshavin

The airline "Aeroflot" intends to file Alice Arshavin in court.

According to the informational resource available to the current hour, due to the fact that the wife of a famous Russian football player placed her interests above the interests of other passengers, refused to obey the legitimate demands of the crew, created a threat to her own safety and the safety of other people on board, and also delayed the flight to Almaty, the airline "Aeroflot" reserved the right to go to court and collect compensation from the violator for the delayed aircraft ys.

Experts do not exclude that given the fact that the carrier incurred additional costs in connection with repeated ground handling procedures, the court will be on the side of the airline, especially since the aviadiboshirka itself admitted that, in fact, in preparation for the flight, it did not take its established a place.

What kind of compensation can be received by Aeroflot, it is very difficult to assume, however, it is obvious that we can talk about tens of thousands of rubles, as well as hundreds.

It should be recalled that on 6 January, when flying from Moscow to Almaty, Alisa Arshavin was removed from the flight because she was subject to the requirements of the crew, as a result of which the departure was postponed for more than 1,5 hours.