Internet in the plane


"Aeroflot" reduced prices for Internet access tariffs

"Aeroflot" airline reduces tariffs for Internet use on the plane.

Starting from 1 in September of the current year, the largest air carrier in the Russian Federation intends to significantly reduce the cost of Internet access services, in particular, as it became known to news agency, traffic volume in 10 MB., For the period of 15 minutes will cost the passenger in 5 dollars; Traffic volume in 30 MB for a period of 1 hour - 15 dollars; traffic volume in 100 MB for a period of 3 hours - 40 dollars.

Experts believe that due to the reduced prices, the service is access to the Internet will be in demand among Russian passengers, however, the experts also emphasize that such a service is unlikely to bring a lot of revenue for the airline itself.

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