Snowfall at the airport


Astana Airport was unable to receive flights because of the collapsed snowstorm

A snow storm broke the work of Astana airport.

As information resources of Kazakhstan transmit, today afternoon Astana airport "Nursultan Nazarbayev" could not receive and send flights, which is caused by unfavorable meteorological conditions, in particular, it is a snow storm. As a result of bad weather, visibility within the Astana airport was close to zero, and the runways were covered with snow. Serious problems have also created a squally wind, which is why most air carriers preferred to go to reserve airfields.

It should be clarified that adverse weather conditions have seriously affected the air traffic, and in some regions of Kazakhstan an emergency situation has been declared.

Forecasts of meteorologists indicate that the storm will stop in the next 24 hours, however, severe frosts are expected closer to the weekend, which can also lead to disruption of a number of air harbors.