Simferopol Airport


Airport of Simferopol met an 4 million passenger

Airport Simferopol served more than 4 million passengers.

Since the beginning of the year, this indicator is a record for the air harbor, and the authorities of the region and the country should think about increasing the airport's capacity, because in the near future, the demand for flights to the Crimea will only continue to grow.

According to the resource, the airport of Simferopol daily serves about 30 thousand passengers, and 3 million passenger was served only a month ago - 11 August, and it is logical to assume that by the end of the year, the air harbor will easily bring the passenger turnover to 5 million people.

It is necessary to clarify that when the prices for air tickets and rest in Crimea decrease, the passenger traffic here can increase by an average of 20-25%.

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