The American, who died in a plane crash in Ukraine, never flew the Su-27

The American pilot, who was at the helm of the Ukrainian Su-27, never controlled this fighter.

Specialists involved in the investigation of the crash involving the Ukrainian fighter Su-27, were able to establish that the American pilot Seth Nering, who died during the crash of the plane, despite his extensive experience, had never operated a Soviet Su-27 combat aircraft. According to experts, this is what became the main cause of the tragedy.

It is known that the American military pilot Seth Nering has 20 years of experience in managing combat aircraft. Before that, he managed to fly 224 hours on the F-15 fighter and 2050 hours on the F-16 fighter. However, being at the helm of the Su-27, any incorrect action of the American pilot could have led to the tragedy, in particular, experts do not exclude that the Ukrainian and American pilot performed different actions, and therefore the control of the aircraft was seriously hampered.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that over the entire period of exploitation, which has been nearly three decades, Ukrainian Su-27 has never been repairedThat does not exclude the version of the technical malfunction.