Finding MH370 flight


The American company will receive 93 million dollars if it finds MH370 for 90 days

Malaysia will pay an American company 93 million dollars to find the missing plane.

As follows from the data presented in the local media, Malaysia has decided to conclude a deal with the US company Ocean Infinity for a payment of 93 million dollars if the crash site and the aircraft itself can be detected within the next three months. During 90 days, it is planned to survey an area of ​​25 thousand square kilometers, while specialists do not exclude that due to a professional and qualified approach, some traces of the passenger liner Boeing 777 will still be found.

It should be clarified that as a result of the plane crash of 8 March 2014, 239 people were killed, but despite searches that have been going on for almost four years, it still has not been possible to find the disappeared plane.

Experts do not exclude that the aircraft could collapse at the intersection of ocean currents, as a result of which the wreckage of the aircraft may be in a completely different area.