American helicopter in Syria


American military equipment began to leave Syria

The United States began the withdrawal of military equipment from Syria.

CNN, referring to a source at the Pentagon, reported that the United States began transporting military equipment from Syria. The first batch of military ground equipment, as envisaged by the plans, has already left the Syrian Arab Republic.

The source does not specify what specific equipment left the country. There is no information about how this operation was performed. Whether air transport was used, or ground transportation was used.

This information is not provided due to security concerns. Nor is the name of the region from which the equipment was taken out - according to the television channel’s assumption, most likely, it was the northern part of Syria.

On the upcoming withdrawal of US troops from the SAR, Donald Trump announced 19 on December 2018 of the year. A little later, the president assured that this operation would be carried out quickly.

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