Bomber B-52


American bombers B-52 called "flying rubbish"

According to Chinese analysts, the US military aviation began to degrade.

The Chinese edition of "Sina" called American strategic bombers B-52 flying rubbish. This is due primarily to the fact that, to date, American B-52 aircraft are the oldest in the US Air Force, while the United States of America has decided to extend the lifespan of these aircraft for another two decades.

"The US B-52 strategic bomber Stratofortress was adopted at 1955, making it the oldest aircraft in the country's arsenal. To date, this "flying fortress," as it is called in the US Department of Defense, can bomb only those regions of the planet where the air defense system is completely lacking. What's the use of an aircraft older than 60 years? Despite this fact, in the US they want to modernize this aircraft, increasing its bomb load, and continue to operate until 2040 year. It's not a strategic bomber, it's flying stuff! ", - experts of the newspaper "Sina" inform.

Indeed, earlier the US Department of Defense (Pentagon - ed.) Announced its intention to improve these strategic bombers in order to transport more bombs, which, according to military experts, will allow the B-52 "Stratofortress" service life to be extended to 2040. In fact, the United States of America intends to operate an aircraft of the age of 85 years, which most likely indicates the fact that the Pentagon has no better replacement for these bombers yet.

"While the US is trying to criticize the Chinese military potential and modern air equipment, American military aviation is purposefully going through degradation, exposing itself to universal laughter", - concluded the Chinese experts.

* B-52 - American multifunctional heavy ultra-long intercontinental strategic bomber-missile carrier, which is in service with the US Air Force since 1955.