The American armored vehicles escorted the Russian military to their air base under escort. Video

A Russian military patrol escorted by American armored cars was on video.

The Euronews television station published a video taken after an unusual incident in northeastern Syria, when the US military stopped the Russian patrol and deployed it in the opposite direction, preventing it from approaching the Syrian-Iraqi border. As it turned out, American armored vehicles escorted several kilometers of the Russian military, intending thereby to prevent the passage of a military patrol to the crossing point of Semelka in other ways.

“The US military escorted the Russian patrol to the main road leading back to the El-Kamyshli air base”, - the Euronews television channel reports, showing the corresponding video frames.

It should be clarified that the command of the Russian military group still does not comment on cases of blocking the movement of Russian military in the north-eastern part of Syria, however, the American side a few days earlier announced that it was warning the Russian military forces in Syria that a number of specialists positioned as an ultimatum.

It should be noted that no serious clashes between the Russian and American military in Syria have yet been reached, but the situation is very serious, as the American military patrols blocked access even to the Russian military base, forcing Russian equipment to move around several tens kilometers.

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We have been on TV for 3 years already telling ourselves that everyone was taken out then who, and with the union of cowards and socks with his GREATNESS, didn’t even mention sugar, then they gave all Greatness

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