Fighter F-15


American F-15 fighters become familiar with the capabilities of the C-300

American fighters met the C-300 in full detail.

On the eve of the day, it became known that during the exercises held in Ukraine, the American F-15 fighters were practicing maneuvers trying to make approaches to attack the positions of the C-300 "Favorite" anti-aircraft missile systems that are in service with Ukraine. In fact, American pilots managed to get hold of quite valuable information that can be used not only against Syria, but also against other countries that are armed with similar air defense systems.

According to analysts, the US military could well receive technical information about the C-300 “Favorit” anti-aircraft missile systems, which makes it possible to exert on the Syrian anti-aircraft defense system and electromagnetic effects, thereby suppressing the radar and missile targets.

“What kind of information representatives of the Pentagon could take possession is very difficult to assume, however, given the fact that Ukraine considers itself one of the US allies, it can be argued that we are talking about the basic principles of operation of these complexes, technical capabilities, and, quite likely, ways countering these air defense systems ", - said the military expert.

Moreover, there is information that Ukraine has transferred to the United States a 36-6-1-1 radar, which allows the US to extract information about the basic principles of operation of such mobile radars.

It was not necessary to fight with Ukraine - it would not be friends with the United States


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