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US F-35 fighters quarreled the USA and the UK

Relations between the United States and the United Kingdom were under threat of deterioration as a result of a dispute arising around the purchase of F-35 Lightning II fighter-bombers. In addition, the UK risks losing a significant part of its own combat power. This information was made public by Sky News.

Military sources told reporters that high-ranking officers of the Royal Air Force (RAF) are pushing leadership to acquire not only type B and type A aircraft from the United States. The latter are intended for basing on land-based take-off areas. In total, there is a plan to purchase 138 fighters.

Such innovations can completely undermine the program of aircraft carriers, if a significant part of the air force will be based on the ground.

In turn, the transition to the ground version of the air fleet could provoke the anger of the Americans, who at one time helped the kingdom to restore the power of the fleet, which suffered as a result of cost savings. According to some reports, Washington, as the only one capable of controlling aircraft carriers, is considering the British Navy and any transition to Type A will become a serious betrayal.

Experts emphasize that the F-35 type A is not only a cheaper option, but also capable of carrying much more weapons. Also a significant advantage is the lack of binding military operations to the sea. Opponents predict an increase in costs due to differences in equipment, as well as the need to search and cooperate with new certified suppliers of spare parts.

The cost of the F-35B fighter jets is 90 million pounds, while the F-35А will have to pay 20 million less. According to independent military sources, as a result, London may not be able to fully purchase the planned aircraft.

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