US Air Force


American fighters and bombers will appear at Russian borders

American air bases may appear on the territory of Ukraine.

As follows from the information provided by a number of media outlets, in the near future several US air bases can appear at the borders of Russia. This is due primarily to the fact that Ukraine itself intends to significantly strengthen its military potential due to the presence of American combat aircraft, besides it does not do without interest for the United States of America, which in this way will be able to strengthen its military pressure on Russia.

"The United States of America is gradually starting to squeeze the ring around Russia, and the appearance of US Air Force military bases in Ukraine will significantly increase the influence of this super-cartel in Europe. In fact, the air bases will appear several hundred kilometers from the borders of Russia, which will allow the Pentagon to obtain objective information about the movement of Russian troops in the border areas ", - said the military analyst.

At the moment, there are no official statements that there may be American military airbases in Ukraine, but the first signal was the conduct of US-Ukrainian exercises, which involve the use of military aircraft and even strategic bombers B-1 Lancer, and if reported The fact that the exercises will be conducted exclusively on the territory of the Lviv region (western Ukraine - ed.), then experts believe that American aircraft will fly near the Crimea, creating the next provocation.

"The deployment of US combat aircraft in Ukraine is another good reason to sting Russia, both for Ukraine itself and for the United States. On the other hand, it is also important to realize that Russia can create much bigger problems for the United States by placing its military bases and missiles in countries bordering the United States, for example, in Cuba ", - said the expert.

And what do we have to worry about - let them fly, fly to us - we shoot down, romance, as they say

Great kalostran very much wants to step on the tail of Russia, and the US is ready to support these intentions. It is likely that, if not tomorrow, then in two years, American airbases will actually appear in Ukraine