Bombardment of Syria


American fighters hit their allies in Syria

Pilots of American fighters attacked the positions of their allies.

According to the data available at, on the eve of the day, when preparing to strike at the positions of terrorists of the Islamic State (a terrorist group whose activity is prohibited in Russia - approx. Ed.), Pilots of American F-15 fighters positions of the Kurds, which killed six allies of the United States and the Western coalition, and 15 people were seriously injured.

For what reasons the American pilots have attacked the positions of the Syrian Kurds, it is still unknown. Nevertheless, information emerged that, due to the erroneous actions of the American pilots, the prepared offensive operation against the terrorists of the “Islamic State” was foiled.

Experts still can not understand how with the presence of modern means of combat aviation and a large group of soldiers, the US military can not take control of an area of ​​several tens of kilometers. According to analysts, this may be due to artificially delaying the stay of the American military contingent in Syria.

“The imitation of the fight against terrorists in this region of Syria has been going on for more than six months and is being used by Washington to justify its illegal presence in this country”- said the source "RT".