American fighter jets intercepted two Russian Mi-17 military helicopters in Syria

US fighters intercepted two Russian Mi-17 helicopters over Syria.

A few hours ago, two American fighters entered Syrian airspace from the east and intercepted two Russian Mi-17 military helicopters, which attempted to enter the airspace above the territory where the American military bases are located.

“Additional information: the Russians took off two helicopters (presumably Mi-17, there is no image from the source), and that is why American planes were called. In addition to helicopters, the Americans had two fighters in the air, flying almost over their heads. ”, - reports “Twitter” account “Woofers”.

Previously, the resource did report that in the sky over the city of Tel Tamr, where the US military once again detained the Russian military patrol, fighters and helicopters were noticed, which, obviously, indicates precisely the seriousness of the situation. Nevertheless, if earlier it was reported that the fighters were lifted from the Russian air base, then if you take into account the sources, we can talk about the US Air Force fighters.

It should be clarified that things did not come to any serious incident, however, the United States may force Russia to also resort to the use of military aircraft.

At the moment, there are no official statements from representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this subject, however, the situation is getting very serious, and therefore countermeasures are required.

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They are not there legally. Why are they not being destroyed?

Russia doesn’t need to raise interceptors, Russia just can close the sky in that area with its air defense systems for everyone except itself. So do not rejoice.

They caught their gaze.

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With all their wishes, fighters cannot intercept helicopters. Even the Kukuruznik (even though it is also an airplane) cannot be intercepted due to the difference in speed.

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So the Yankees do not deny their presence in Syria! The USA pump oil in Syria and sell it. And why Ukraine needs Russia, and moreover, only in the Donbass? !!!

Who can explain what it means - Fighters intercepted helicopters? How does this happen?
It turns out that if helicopters fly and planes fly nearby, then there was an interception? So maybe this is a helicopter intercepted fighters .....
I don’t understand.

There are no American troops there, just as there are no Russian troops in Ukraine.

Syria and Iraq themselves are illegally in Syria and Iraq, and the mattress covers are completely legal, they have not violated any mattress law.

Why does Europe not condemn the United States unanimously for violating international law? The United States is illegally in Syria and Iraq !!!!

there should not be US troops there, well, make Syria’s sky clear.


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