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American planes are attacked by Chinese combat lasers

The US complained of a laser attack on its aircraft in the East China Sea.

The US military has once again complained about the illegal use by the Chinese military of laser weapons against their reconnaissance aircraft. According to the Chinese edition of Sina, this time the United States Navy announced that a military reconnaissance aircraft, while in the airspace over the East China Sea, was attacked by an energy weapon, presumably a combat laser.

The Chinese information resource called such information untrue, because in the proposed area were exclusively fishing vessels, and the Pentagon's complaint is nothing more than an open provocation against the PRC.

It should be clarified that this year the military from the United States is not the first time accusing China of using laser weapons against its aircraft - according to the information provided, we are talking about 20 incidents only in the East China Sea, while one of the last occurred near Djibouti, where the military base of the PRC is located.

China does not deny the availability of military lasers designed to destroy air targets, but it completely refutes any charges at its own expense, suggesting that the US either provide solid evidence or completely stop such provocations.

Not so long ago it became known that the Russian army had also received a combat laser.

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