American planes can start bombing The Hague

Relations between the United States and Europe are reaching an extremely difficult level.

Advisor to the US President for National Security John Bolton made a sharp statement about Europe. As follows from the information provided by the Chinese edition of Sina, the eccentric American stated that the US military can not be responsible for war crimes before the International Criminal Court (The Hague), and in case of arbitrariness in Europe, threatened Europe and much more severe sanctions measures , the prosecution of judges and even military intervention.

"To claim that Bolton is a significant figure in the world is impossible, however, his statements that he admits a military conflict with Europe because of war crimes by US servicemen make the EU think about whether the US can be trusted", - says the Chinese edition.

On the other hand, earlier the US president himself stated that he would not allow a trial of the American military, no matter what crimes they committed, also promising to apply force against Europe if his demand is not heard.

The International Criminal Court itself stated that an adviser to the US president on national security issues may leave his opinion with him, since the court operates within the established international norms.

Bomb, but think about the consequences.

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