Stormovik A-10 Thunderbolt


US attack aircraft unsuitable for combat use

American ground attack aircraft were susceptible to overload during the flight.

According to US news agencies, the command of the United States Air Force has decided to temporarily stop operating the A-28 Thunderbolt 10 attack aircraft due to their vulnerability to overloads. The technical part of the moment does not affect, however, it causes symptoms of hypoxia about the pilots, which means that during the flight and combat, the pilots may lose consciousness and suffocate.

The exact circumstances are being clarified by specialists, however, to date, it has been suggested that due to the design feature of the oxygen supply valve, strong overloads do not allow it to function properly.

Experts do not exclude that if the commission determines that the elimination of identified malfunctions will require imposing costs, the US Department of Defense can and do write off these aircraft, the replacement of which the US Air Force currently lacks.

Earlier it was reported that US military pilots complained about the increased incidence of hypoxia on other aircraft, among which we can distinguish the fighters F-18, F-22 and even F-35, while the Pentagon prefers not to comment on this situation.