American experts highly appreciated the Russian Yak-130

In the United States, the capabilities of the Russian Yak-130 aircraft were highly appreciated.

The combat aircraft Yak-130 began to be developed in the late 80-ies of the last century, in fact, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union. For a number of reasons, the main of which, but far from the only, was the lack of financial resources, this aircraft was put into service only in 2010, however, despite this fact, the aircraft is very promising, which is also recognized by experts from the USA called this aircraft quite unique.

The American edition of The National Interest reports that the Russian Yak-130 is one of the best military training vehicles in the world. This is due, in the opinion of experts, to the fact that the Yak-130 is endowed with a number of unique properties and characteristics that allow imitating a flight on 4 and even 5-generation fighters that until now has not been implemented in any of the training- combat aircraft.

According to experts, the only M-130 combat train that can be compared to the Russian Yak-346 is the Italian M-XNUMX - it surpasses the Russian car in aerodynamic properties, but at the same time it lacks the unique capabilities that the Russian car is endowed with.

* Yak-130 is a Russian combat training aircraft developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau together with the Italian company Aermacchi to replace the L-39 training aircraft in the Russian Air Force that have become obsolete.

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