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American tanks fired at 8 kilometers from the border of Belarus

American tanks opened fire only 8 kilometers from the border of Belarus.

A few hours ago, the press service of the Armed Forces of Lithuania published a video showing American M1 Abrams tanks, which, as it turned out, opened fire only 8 kilometers from the border with Belarus. There are no official comments on this subject, however, according to analysts, in this way Washington demonstrated the presence of considerable strength in this direction.

“American tanks Abrams train at the Belarusian border. This became known after the shooting frames appeared on the Twitter account of the armed forces of Lithuania. “A little Christmas spirit and Abrams training shots,” such a signature flaunts under the video. Trainings are held in the Lithuanian city of Pabrad, which is only seven kilometers from the border with Belarus ”- report "News".

Earlier, official Minsk spoke out categorically against the deployment of Russian troops and military bases on its territory. Motivated by the fact that Moscow’s arguments regarding the threat from the West are far-fetched, however, obviously, after such firing, Minsk may reconsider its position on this issue.