U.S. military sets Russia unspoken ultimatum on Syria

The Russian military is not allowed in, nor is it allowed out of eastern Syria.

A few hours ago, a video appeared at the disposal of the resource, which captures another incident between the Russian and American military. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the Russian military patrol not only was not allowed into the Syrian-Iraqi border, but also refused to be released into the western part of Syria. According to local media, the United States even delivered an ultimatum to Russia - all places of oil and gas production are American territory.

The second incident in a day occurred when the Russian military attempted to leave a stronghold in the Syrian city of Kamyshli, however, American troops deliberately blocked the path of the Russian military column and deployed it, forbidding them to leave the area, including for advancing to the western part of Syria.


“American forces also intercepted a military convoy belonging to Russian forces at the Tel-Baidar intersection; a military convoy arrived from the city of Kamyshli. US forces forced Russian military convoy to retreat "- reports "Rojava Network".

It should be clarified that any conflict, including the use of weapons, was avoided, however, due to Washington’s actions, Russia may begin to take appropriate steps.

because such a jerk like you does not know how to correctly write in Russian.

Doshihpor can not understand why Americans around the world dictate Provo

What steps are you waiting for? Crap workers crap again. Amers poked their tongues and ours. Hera then was generally climb into Syria, if Assad can not return oil and gas.

Exit to get out of there, ped inform the Turks

PUTIN is now in Israel, meeting with friends, and therefore, over 4 years, not a single Israeli plane was shot down. And with the Americans we are afraid of a direct collision. The same order, as in the 41st, does not succumb to provocations. How did it end ,everyone knows.

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It is unlikely that ours are just so silent. In any way, soon we will see all the other thoughtful actions on the part of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Urgently contact the draft board and go to fight, a personal example is required!

Well, you fell off the moon. You look, who consists of the founders of firms in Yamal and the Far East. But in Syria there is still no LLC and a company with the same founders, therefore, conflicts also occur ...

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Do diplomats have children where they live and study ???

No, not so - why? This is the territory of Syria, so the Syrian troops (with Russians) can move along and across their country. If the amers interfere - in the battle and the Russian Federation should help under the agreement ...

Two, three or three times officially inform of the inadmissibility of obstructing patrols in the name of ending hostilities of the warring parties, drawn up within the framework and in accordance with the "international standards of all progressive mankind." Then "succumb" to the provocation. There is such a method of overcoming obstacles as an unintentional collision. Well, the driver did not see an obstacle that should not have been in this place according to "international standards of all progressive mankind"! The operation must be joint with the Turkish armed forces. And here, the Syrian helicopters, as it were, accidentally appeared in the patrol zone with questions: "Why actually, why are you here?"

And the casket is simple - the United States is going to pick up the oil fields of Syria. That ISIS created for this. Lost with ISIS - the United States tore off the mask of a peacemaker.

Syria - Declare your territory occupied by the US military without a flight zone. That even flies could not fly!

All sweets are eaten without us, but to us crumbs and a box of cake?

"It's a shame for the Power ..."

“It's a shame for the Power ...” And why are our Defense Ministry and the media silent? Again, head in the sand, like ostriches ?, or according to the commandment - given on the cheek, turn the other cheek? Under the USSR, such an incident could not be close! Now we can only Ukrainian. crush boats and tug, 20 times superiority of our border ships. Laughter - a tugboat attacked !!! Heroes! And our media is simply disgusting to watch and listen to - We have no other problems besides Ukraine! Gasoline, utilities, groceries, transportation and everything else rises in price, only s / n somehow froze, probably waiting for its products to be distilled ... But we live better and better and easier! "No money, but you hold on!" - D.A. Medvedev.

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I didn’t understand, Iran is cheating on them, but we are afraid ???

What Americans do in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Rob these countries. They didn’t let our column pass ??? And what is impossible to dismount and go ??

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Unfortunately, our gut is still thin, as the proverb says: as long as the thick one dries, the skinny one dies. For now, we can only stick out our breasts and occupy the abandoned American bases.

Evgen, we are not quick yet, but everything is ahead and time will tell who is who ...

I reason as a layman, non-military.
But what if you take a few tanks, accelerate to good speed on them and go straight to such a "block post", previously covered by attack helicopters? I think that the “blockers” will simply rush in all directions. In the event of an attempt to use weapons on their part, open fire on them for defeat. But, it seems to me, they won’t open fire first, because the arrival of two hundred cargoes to their homeland will bury Trump’s ambitions to be re-elected for a second term. This is really the last year when amers can be squeezed out in Syria without direct fire, taking advantage of the fact that with a real threat to the lives of the American military, they will avoid clashes.
What are we afraid of ?! Are they going to start a nuclear war over a couple of crushed pieces of iron (I'm just sure that the calculations will be sidelined at the risk of a ram)?
I really hope, although it’s already very hard to believe that ours still has some kind of strategy to counteract these star-striped bandits, and with each such blocking and reversal, the military draw some conclusions and collect some valuable information, in the foreseeable future to learn how to create situations in which amers will have to retreat in order to avoid losses.
And if this is not so, then the conclusion is obvious and extremely depressing: our command either cowards to act (I’m not talking about valiant soldiers and officers, but about the high command, who have property and children with grandchildren abroad), or we’re really just unable to withstand anyone but the barmaley. Clashes with regular troops so far end for us either with losses and subsequent diplomatic bleating (a plane shot down by Turkey) and simply silence (the massacre of ichtamnets near Deir ez-Zor), or shameful, humiliating reversals in the opposite direction (which we have seen in recent days).
I would like to hear official comments from the MO on this situation, but apparently the true state of affairs is so depressing that it prefers to simply remain silent, however, as always, when there is nothing to brag about.
I do not understand this approach - to show the whole world their cowardice and weakness. If we really are not able to compete with anyone other than bearded men on pickup trucks, then it's time to get out of Syria. Further stay there in the current situation (we play in the sandboxes with our own budget money, and amers keep oil) turns for Russia into a black financial hole, because Assad has nothing to pay for without oil.
It is necessary to strengthen the territory of the Russian Federation with a high-quality air defense system, properly equip the borders around the entire perimeter, and not stick out anywhere until a worthy military potential is really formed. Although there are big questions regarding air defense - the new models so far manifest themselves mainly only in parades, but in real combat conditions they didn’t shoot anything more serious than artisanal drones.

Well, you give! Such, they and our deposits in the Yamal and the Far East will declare their zone of interest. And you need to get a letter from Assad to the UN, Russia and China with a request to release their gas and oil fields. Then give a deadline for the withdrawal of American troops and fall into the gringo-kick these freaks overseas. Let them sit in their America and don’t stick their nose out of there.

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And what is silent our valiant diplomacy? doesn’t want to offend the Americans, where do our kids learn?

The unspoken Russian-Syrian-Iranian-Iraqi full-scale exercises will soon be held with the use of unofficial weapons of the Dagger type in USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78).

Nikolay! With such local considerations, we can lose not only our oil and gas, but the whole country. Politically, we need to better understand the global interstate situation.

Yankees provoke ulterior motive, they want to unleash an armed clash. So what, because of this, do we wipe the snot? Destroy them, all the same, there will be no third world war, but the amers will no longer be in the way of the Russians.

In the video, except for some hell talking about zones with oil and that he was told that the Americans are allegedly controlling these zones, nothing is visible, who didn’t let anyone go, who stopped whom - it’s not clear! And you can start a fake for this video from any direction !

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And why do we need Syria, we have plenty of our own oil and gas, only Sechin and Miller poke money in their pockets

The Americans suddenly discovered some Arab country around their oil well ...

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We are waiting for the decision of the Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of Defense of Russia.

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It doesn’t matter that after these incidents, the Sumerians will increasingly begin to bomb Amer’s bases! Will GLONAS be aimed at the targets?

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