US military base


US troops completely cut off Russia from the military air base in Syria

The United States is deploying a new military base right on the access roads to the Russian military airfield.

According to a number of sources, the United States completely cut off Russia from access to the military airfield at El Kamyshli, located near the Syrian-Turkish border. A large convoy of equipment was sent to the area of ​​the settlement of Tel Baidar, which intends to begin rebuilding the American military base, which, judging by the location, completely cuts off the Russian military from access to the airfield, which hosts Russian military aircraft and helicopters.

Three months earlier, the US military left this base because of the Turkish military operation, however, due to the fact that Russia decided to leave this military facility without proper attention, they decided to restore it and strengthen it.

Given the location of the US military base, US troops will completely block any access of Russian and Syrian military personnel to this part of Syria, and the blocking of Russian military patrols in this area is obvious and is the first warning for Russia.

It should be clarified that recently there was information that the US military provided Russia with access to the military airfield at El-Kamyshli, however, due to blocking roads, Russian vehicles have to make a multi-kilometer hook, however, given the appearance of a US military base here , experts believe that access to the airfield in Al-Kamyshli will be completely closed.

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Are you really so stupid, or are you pretending to be? You’ll wink and the Third World War will not ... By your logic, Russia has been an aggressor in Georgia since 1992, where since 2008 it has invaded again by larger military headquarters, and since 2014 it has invaded Ukraine! Then it was not enough to comply with international law in your opinion?

to put a condition to amers, either on dick from here, or in Venezuela and Cuba we place the S-400, etc ...

If we were weak, then the amers would not impose sanctions, but the Tomahawks would launch.

According to a lost court in Stockholm, we must pay Ukraine $ 80 million for the loss of assets. and still Ukraine is preparing $ 9 billion lawsuits

Why lie so impudently? At first, Stalin tried to create an anti-Hitler coalition. Not supported. They gave the Czech Republic and Austria to Hitler. Poland joined Germany in the sack of Chekhov and the capture of the USSR. Stalin went on a pact with Hitler and imprisoned for anti-German views, trying to delay the impending war.

And who told you that the Assad government, sitting for many years with the help of Russian bayonets, rules legally?

I do not understand !!! The states are in the territory of Syria ILLEGAL !!! Roll out an ultimatum: at 36-48 hours, all American units MUST leave Syria, otherwise, they will be recognized as aggressors ... And then NOBODY will say that Syria was wrong by using military force against AGGRESSOR. And ours - bent ...

Just say sitting on the couch knowing that you won’t get there, that you need to start another war game. And Putin, who, as you say, “hasn’t taken any decisive step”, has already shown himself when he sent troops to Ossetia in 2008 and “polite” people to the Crimea where the Americans had already built infrastructure for their military.

We do not allow ISIS and other mercenaries to be paid off and go to Russia, who are paid from the income from oil, forcibly torn away by the Americans from Syria (and Iraq) by means of seizure by military force. And then that will go to Russia later, that's for sure. They immediately came through Chechnya, but Russia paid with blood to drive them away. It turned out that we need more quantitatively and territorially militants around Russia to break it. Thus, the task in Syria is both to physically destroy the militants and to return oil to Syria so that the proceeds from it are not used to maintain and strengthen Islamic mercenaries. Well, in general, it’s good to have military shutter bases on the approaches to Russia, so that you can’t strangle any surprises and surprises.

don’t you see that they are encircling Russia in order to destroy it? Or pretending?

Weak little ones. And not at all who they were. Who made us like that? Pisdos spit on our opinion. And sanctions, so much as you want, with or without reason .. And to call America the number one terrorist weakly? Well, what are you? We are tolerant, democratic, peaceful. K Lavrov is Carlson who lives on the roof. But V. Puti - he did not take any decisive step in holiness and meekness. If some kind of our base is gouged in Syria, he will not do anything. He will only condole. Like Vysotsky’s there: “There are few real violent people and no leaders.”

We protect Miller’s gas pipe so that competitors would not run their pipe through Syria, we protect the hole from the donut, which we got, because the Americans will never give the oil back like the consolation prize of two military bases.

In the late 30s and early 40s of the last century, there were also moods of hatred, they paid a lot later, more than 20 million fellow citizens lost ... Is there a short memory or hormones in the ass, but no brain in the head? ... After the next world war, nobody will celebrate Victory Day, and everyone should understand this, if, of course, there are brains ...

Really, will our government be bullied in America if the kids and money are in America. Are you seriously?

I completely agree,

In my time, the battalion commander cursed: "A little war is needed to cleanse scum!" It’s a pity there won’t be a little war now.

And who? :) USA, or what? 90% of Syria is controlled by Russia, and the owner of the United States? Boo-ha-ha-ha ...

Sons for whom do you shed blood?

And in front of their base put another base and close them completely.

And what are we doing in Syria?

It would be an iron point, it would be possible to pile on the spoiled Pindos, and the point is shaky, and some on the top do not want to lose "acquired by overwork", the toad strangles and the heels are shaking.

I don’t know the truth or is it a scribble fantasy. Putin’s words (IF THE FIGHT IS NOT AVOIDED BY BEATING FIRST), the words diverge from the deed.

It's time.

There is salt in it.

need to repeat the year 1945!

Nonsense nor any jackals from the hole of the VSA do not block the RUSSIAN airfield !!!

No Sckotino, as in the last war, we will wait when they come to you, a large ungulate with gifts in a hut, to your children!

They returned --- And why didn’t we take the base at the time !!! Or at least the Syrians ??? how does the general staff work

Does anyone need this?

As Wagner pi @ dov hung, so our contingent and quiet

What is clear to you, dear Valerian?

! Regional gas station "indicated its place.

Everything is lost?

For such a Pindos too vigilant. They only squeal and rattle with shutters, and openly do not rock the Russian

IDIOT offer. There wasn’t enough courage to joke in this way either with the Turks or with Israel, as appropriate ... But you propose to “joke” with Ameroka ... at least it’s stupid ...

But really, who knows what is going on there? In our court, words of faith are not accepted. And why should I believe this if Russian law does not accept empty words on faith?

? According to what sources?

And that it was impossible to foresee this move of the strip. What year is Russia fighting in Syria? And I didn’t seem to learn.

why are we still not launching missile strikes by mistake on American targets, at least in Syria. Then we can apologize for the alleged technical failure.

It immediately became clear who was the boss in Syria.

Why study here, if we had as much dough as the US then we could buy everyone in a row.

At least one of the woodpeckers read ATTENTIVELY what is written in the article?

Glory to America - the ruler of the world!

As long as the grandmothers of officials are invested in Pindos accounts and villas, everything will be so. And so they will bend.

I wonder how the Americans could cut off ours from the airfield if they returned to their former base? But what about before ?, they didn’t break through with battle ..

That's right! Here, raise your children and let them go to Syria to fight!

"The US is rolling out ..." Does it make sense to read further? :)

it’s time to make you wise

To do this, you must be the United States, my friend ....

That the pro-nasty rats would quickly fall into their hole.

raise planes from the airfield and restore the road with their help.

Nikolay! It all comes from Ukraine. So be calm. They, with their rotten lies, have gone beyond the bounds of decency. They have created a group there, under the leadership of the British and Americans.

your president, he never was and never will be, we do not need 25-year-old promises.

Yes, these scum was always full of just strongly believed in yourself!

So what are we sitting forward


Not everything is as simple in Syria as it seems.

It is necessary there to adjust the TOS-01 Pinocchio. Then the Americans will begin to collect their toys back))))

That is, it is necessary, like the Americans, to build military bases everywhere and intervene in the affairs of any country in the world.

time to destroy the Americans

I read it carefully. Well, it doesn’t agree on the little things. There will be no comment. Clearly so.

I’m wondering, those who are for Amer, I mean the citizens of Russia, well, the Yankees are straightforward, and they wish the president of Russia to die and write all sorts of other rubbish, if there is a war, but it will be sooner or later, where will you be? Go straight to lick your amer boots, or will you get cancer? It's just amazing how many scum has become inside the country.

Well now you don’t have to fly far, you can bomb right away, and you can also pull up engineering equipment and demolish everything that hinders

no matter how much our people are taught, we’ll chew snot, especially “our main one” ... for him, America is a child, you can’t offend her; whoever can offend her will get him in the face (he will intercede) ...

The military must be tired of doing the will of cooks.

stupid mole, do you see the difference between "amending the constitution" and "amending the constitution"?

men gathered and in all seriousness discuss the next fake))))

Well done Americans, at first substituted Russia against Turkey, and left oil fields for themselves, and now they are pushing Russia out of strategic places. And the Kurds whom Russia defended and whom all our politicians consider our friends serve the Americans. Our president should learn from the Americans and take an example from them on how to conduct foreign policy.

Yes, you do not care rat why bite!

It was necessary to force him to land intercepting him, justifying a violation of the flight territory.

It is much more interesting to know why rats are so rapidly trying to change the constitution ..

If you wanted to - WOULD BE DOWN for a long time!


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