US forces with the use of weapons stopped the Russian military patrol. Video

The US military, threatened with the use of weapons, stopped the Russian military patrol.

In the north of Syria, a new clash was recorded between the Russian and American military, which could well develop into a shootout using armored vehicles and weapons. The reason for this was the U.S. actions in the region of the Syrian settlement Gir Kehfik - the American military not only unceremoniously deployed their armored personnel carriers in front of the Russian military, but also forced the latter to leave vehicles, and later completely forbidden to appear in this part of the Arab Republic.

Initially, the resource provided evidence that it was the Russian military that “intercepted” the American military convoy, however, as it turned out, the aggressive actions were directed specifically towards the Russian military.

At the moment, neither the American nor Russian sides comment on the clash between the Russian and US military, however, only a few days ago, representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation said that such data distributed by the media are false, as Washington and Moscow constantly support contact.

“The deployment of military equipment right on the path of the Russian patrol is a very serious incident. Ultimately, it can lead to armed conflict. ”, - the expert marks.

What does it mean: "forced to leave?" What kind of nonsense? There is a traffic jam ahead, here is a patrol and went out to find out the reasons. And the “pointed armored personnel carrier” is the same stupid speculation of a journalist looking for a duck from scratch.


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