Interception aircraft


The US Air Force tried to intercept Maduro

American fighters accompanied the plane of the Venezuelan leader.

The plane of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, during the exit from the airspace of the country, approached two American fighter F-16. According to the data that appeared, it happened the night before, while the combat aircraft approached the presidential board and accompanied it for quite some time, however, as it turned out, Maduro himself was absent on board the aircraft.

For what reasons did the Venezuelan president’s aircraft be accompanied by American fighters, and whether it hid behind Venezuelan air force fighters, remains unknown, but a few days earlier, despite the ban of the authorities of this Latin American country, Juan Guaydo, who had previously declared himself the leader of Venezuela, banned .

A few hours ago, resource, citing data from online services that allow monitoring of the airspace, as well as data from opposition Venezuelan media, reported that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro left the country and headed for Cuba. However, a few hours later, this information was completely refuted by the personal appearance of Maduro in public in Caracas.

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