Aircraft carrier harry truman


American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" is preparing to enter the Black Sea

The US Navy is preparing to send a strike force to the Black Sea, led by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman.

According to the information agency Al Masdar News, the command of the US Navy intends to send an aircraft carrier strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Harry Truman to the Black Sea. The main reason for this is the need to ensure the security of NATO and allied countries, in particular, we are talking about Ukraine.

According to the Al Masdar News news agency, the United States intends to notify Turkey of its intention to go through the Bosphorus from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. We are talking about an entire carrier strike group, which includes several warships, as well as the atomic aircraft carrier "Harry Truman", which carries around 50 military aircraft and helicopters.

“Our US 6 fleet is always ready to respond when its name is. We regularly conduct security and stability operations throughout the entire US 6 fleet, including international waters and Black Sea airspace. We reserve the right to act freely in accordance with international laws and regulations. ”, said Kyle Raines, a spokesman for Europe-based Sixth Fleet of the United States.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that the American destroyer who tried to get into the Russian territorial waters was forced to flee at the first sight of the approaching Russian ships of the Pacific Fleet and the means of fighter and bomber aircraft.


You do not know the Turks! Remember 1942 year! 26 large warships of Hitler at the most critical moment to the shores of Novorossiysk.

the passage of aircraft carriers through the Bosphorus is prohibited in my opinion by the Montreux Convention. So all nonsense.

Do not be afraid. In Soviet times, it seems, under Khrushchev, the World Cup conducted tests of nuclear weapons. So the rotten aircraft carrier does not change much.

Whom to pin? Bridge span approx. 60 m. Height of the superstructure 3,14 of the bearer - 75. Are you really like such idiots in Kaklandia or are you pretending?

Totally agree! Marauders to the wall and on the pillars!

If you decide to notify, then the decision was made about entering the Black Sea

Fine. You can try to practice new electronic weapons and tickle a few nerves of Americans.

Stupid narcissism pindostana. The efficiency of the aircraft carrier in the black sea is zero.
To the bottom go first and very quickly if cho.

In the 1927 year, when the equilibrium between the layers of the Black Sea was disturbed due to fluctuations in the earth's surface, a gas cloud burst out (hydrogen sulfide, methane). There was a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, and a huge flame was observed above the surface of the sea. The mixture of hydrogen sulfide with air itself is explosive, besides the presence of methane played a role in this fire. THE NEXT BURNING IS COMINGED IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATER CONSTRUCTION OF NATO SHIPS IN THE EPICENTER OF BURNING! And you did not know!

I myself understand what I wrote? nuclear ship to flood and zasrat all the black sea ?????

Maybe this resource is enough frank fakie post? The Montreux Convention has not been canceled. And it works in both directions (if the Turks suddenly miss a military vessel from a non-Black Sea country with a displacement of more than 45 000 tons, with some fright). The horses can call for help even the starships. But that doesn't work like that.

so good a great opportunity for us to forget for a time our thieves oligarchs, bureaucrats, all the wealthy who rob the country and take out capital. that's who we must first hang, shoot, and only then about external enemies to think. nationalizing sold out and destroyed.

And then go straight to Belarus.

Yankees are great experts to take on a bluff, 3.14deal, 3.14deliver without knowing the limit and the ford. Let them go into a trap. Before entering the World Cup, let them think about how to get out.

Tires down.

All this nonsense.
Nuclear powered ships do not have the right to enter the Black Sea.
Although Turkish, even Russian, even American.

And the point is not in the Straits Convention, but in the decision of the Black Sea countries.

Now we will test a couple of new missiles only on aircraft carrier

Who do you want your Crimea ?! Here the goal is to omit the "fastener". How will he show himself in such a situation?

Sensibly, deliberately and legally! This is what we must do. But this is Erdagan's test. And his "love" for Russia. ** But to keep such a colossus is very troublesome and expensive. Is that to put in the center of our Russian sea and fill with Bulava! But it is better to buy drugs for cancer patients.

but you can also cavalry on them, with sabers! ..

Let yourself come. 1 day of such a vigorous group costs tens of millions of dollars. who will pay? Considering that they hang out there 21 day. Of course, NATO, Trump - hardly. Consequently, having stood on the roadstead of Odessa and having made a couple of exits to the center of the World Cup, the group will solemnly creep back to the Mediterranean base. and 300-500 million dollars will be paid by NATO (but not Ukraine). And by March, having been cleared and having considered grandmas, will be horrified. such a friendship is too expensive. So let them. Moreover, from a military point of view, this group is worth nothing. Crimea is too well fortified by land and air.

Our fighters have a great opportunity to practice now on the aircraft carrier.

Turks will not be allowed. So, sleep well!

The Red Army is where ....

Bullshit According to the Monroe Doctrine on tonnage do not pass!

Under the Union, the amers didn’t even rynnulyas .... and with these slyuzhuyah Way with Lavrov everything is possible .... and they go to support Ukraine in unleashing a war in the Donbass .... so agreed ....

According to the Montreux Convention, the passage through the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus to aircraft carriers is prohibited! Everything!

HARRY TRUPEN is coming to us :)

mi-8 lift, on the deck of the carpet will pass and there will be no one to fly

According to the convention, an aircraft carrier cannot enter the Black Sea. The displacement exceeds the maximum allowed. Although you can only expect from the Turks. But any ship group in the Black Sea risks being destroyed as it is shot along and across.

The depth of the Black Sea reaches 2000 meters (!). So it will not fit and look out, even with escort ships set on its deck ...

An aircraft carrier through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea is impossible therefore the Soviet Union had only aircraft carrying cruisers

And here I am interested in the purely technical side of this situation. How do these aircraft carriers carry storms and hurricanes? Purely hypothetically, let us imagine that during the oceanic transition, long before approaching the European continent, suddenly a powerful impact source emerges from the depths, which will lift 100 meter waves that will cover the ship’s armadka — will they survive or drown? That would be to check. But one thing is certain: combat effectiveness will be lost forever.

Tode ships will be taken away, and the sailors will be judged in the Crimea)))

On the route of this aircraft carrier you need to install peaceful fields, which will be located at the bottom of the sea and emerge on command. Harry Truman should stay at the bottom of the Black Sea.

up to 21 day guys! until 21 day! convention montre!

Even if it enters the Black Sea, Truman will only popiataritsya and if anything, we will bury it.

Welcome! We are very pleased to quickly save the Americans from the extra aircraft carrier! FORWARD Pindos!

lamb article! in the USSR, even the TAKR-cruiser was built because the aircraft carrier does not have the right to pass

That would have drowned him in the strait in Gibraltare or in the Bosporus a good gag would have turned out

If it’s like that, it’s time to supply Latin American countries with ballistic missiles and medium-range missiles on preferential terms! We hope that Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and others like them will not give up such weapons to protect their sovereignty. Yes, and the DPRK can be helped with new missiles and submarines! America wants to be a world gendarme, and they are not very much respected.

A cool aircraft carrier he fits on the bottom of the Black Sea or will look ??????

What is the Kerch Strait? Are you out of your mind? The bridge is the first obstacle, but also the shallow Sea of ​​Azov - the greatest depth of 15)))

We would like to answer for a long time that the Pindos would behave like people, and they wield as general comments as usual, erdogad will miss, and as an exception, that's all.

Bratello, some are Khibiny. This is the last century. For such eccentrics there is Krasuha. With its help, AUG airplanes fall on the heads of the Allied girls.

you are not ready, say that you are not ready, and do not comment on others!

Bravo momche !!!

Act, not for everyone.

As the Gritstso - Velkam ... there were no aircraft carriers on the bottom of the World Cup ...

Hardly an aircraft carrier Turks will miss. For them, the ban. For the rest let them pass ... and what's next. Ponty, mattress alone one Ponte !!!!