Aircraft carrier abraham lincoln


American aircraft carrier off the coast of Iran suffered its first losses

The confrontation of the American aircraft carrier with Iran ended with the first losses for the United States.

Located near the coast of Iran, the American aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" suffered its first losses. According to information provided by the American television channel CNN, under unknown circumstances, one of the aircraft carrier crew members died.

"A search and rescue operation is conducted in the region after an American sailor, according to a statement by the US Navy, fell overboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf on Wednesday. Four ships from the USA, Spain and Pakistan are currently searching for the missing sailor. ”- CNN reports.

How exactly did it happen that the American sailor fell overboard of the aircraft carrier - not reported, however, according to some information, he should not have been on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln at all.

It should be clarified that after a serious cooling of relations between the US and Iran, triggered by the undermining of several oil tankers, the command of the US Navy decided to move the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" away from the Iranian coast, but the aircraft carrier is still in the region, which may indicate that Washington prepared military operation against the Islamic Republic.

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