Bomber B-52


American B-52H "carried out an attack" on the airbase "Hamim"

An American strategic bomber is spotted near the Russian military airbase in Syria.

On the eve of the day, a video was published, on which one can see the approach of the American strategic bomber B-52H to the Russian military air base “Hmimim” located in Syria. At what distance from the airbase was an American military aircraft. so far remains unknown, as the bomber followed with transponders turned off.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the American strategic bomber B-52H flies at a relatively short distance from the borders of Syria, while the shots themselves were made by the crew of the Syrian Arab Airlines Airbus A320 airliner, and therefore began to joke about That intercept American military aircraft can even civilian pilots.

On the other hand, experts see in the appearance of an American strategic bomber near the borders of Syria a serious danger, believing that the United States is practicing strikes against the main military targets of Russia, including on the territory of other states.

“The fact that the B-52H bomber was“ intercepted ”by the civil Airbus A320 is certainly fun, but given the fact that the strategic bomber with the transponders turned off was near the largest Russian air base, it causes serious concerns”, - the expert marks.

The United States dragged its nuclear-armed bombers to Europe and now these planes are flying to intimidate Russia. The USA constantly threatens and finds new enemies like Russia. China. Iran DPRK. all countries have nuclear weapons. Trump threatens. that if necessary, in its concept, to bomb countries with nuclear missiles with a small share of nuclear charge, I want to think. that these are empty threats. not quite the same they went crazy, but judging by that. as more and more and more the US is becoming impudent. and weak condemnations are heard in her direction. for which she wanted to sneeze. it sometimes seems that they can dare, believing in their impunity, and understanding that the whole world is afraid of them, and if this happens and in any country they fulfill their threat, the whole world will again threaten them with a finger and say how bad it is. and many singers. find in it the need for their security and support? And if this happens why the United States does not think. that from the list of countries that they declared themselves enemies, and all countries are nuclear, after the attack on any country in the United States. in response, all at once will deliver a preventive nuclear strike on the United States. after which the United States will be burned desert. also out of fear. that the next country after such mayhem may be any of them, why the US is not afraid of this? Or again hope for it. that everyone will be silent. they were not bombed. maybe it will blow past their countries.