Fighter F-35


American F-35 made a historic landing on the deck of a British aircraft carrier

The landing of the American F-35 on the deck of a British aircraft carrier was called historic.

The command of the British Navy posted a unique entry on the Web, which demonstrated the landing of the American F-35B fighter on the deck of an aircraft carrier. We are talking about making a vertical landing, which suggests that the military power of these combat aircraft has increased significantly, since with the help of carrier groups, the UK can strike at almost any region of the planet.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the American fighter of the fifth generation F-35 makes a smooth descent, and after the landing gear touches the deck surface, the aircraft rolls a few meters and also stops smoothly. In fact, video footage suggests that American aircraft manufacturers were able to create a version of the F-35 fighter capable of landing in limited conditions.

“Of course, this seriously increases the military potential of Great Britain. What is the reason for this? Yes, even the fact that now in service with the British aircraft carriers will appear much more powerful fighters. In fact, such fighters can be based on any military base, since they do not require the availability of infrastructure, which makes it possible to carry out the tasks effectively ”, - the expert marks.

However, at the end of September of this year, the American F-35B fighter crashed, which underlines the unwillingness of the aircraft to perform combat missions.