Scaparotti and avant-garde


American general offended by the unpredictability of the Russian military

The American general is concerned with the inability to predict the steps of Russia.

The commander-in-chief of the NATO Joint Armed Forces in Europe, American General Curtis Scaparotti, is puzzled by the inability of the West to anticipate the steps of Russia. As follows from a report by the Associated Press news agency, the general regrets that "We do not know them (Russians) as well as during the Cold War"when hand "Understood the signals of each other".

The general is confident that good knowledge of the arms of the parties and their intentions reduce the likelihood of armed conflict. Contact with a potential adversary, according to Scaparotti, is a very important part to ensure deterrence.

The commander-in-chief is sure that it is desirable for NATO to establish a more intimate communication with Russia. This would allow a better understanding of each other, to realize that “Why we do what we do”.

It should be recalled that Slavenko Terzic, the Serbian ambassador to Russia, has already accused NATO of pursuing a policy that destabilizes the situation in the Balkan region. Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov said that the North Atlantic bloc is destabilizing the situation throughout Europe.

Sogasen! They are deceived, robbed, "pulled up on the wall" are descendants of eternal thieves and pirates.

“Only friendship with him can be worse than enmity with Anglo-Saxon.” General Edrikhin.
To believe these liars never and under any circumstances is impossible.

Serbian President Alexander Vucic met yesterday in Brussels with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. ... After the entry of NATO into Montenegro, the process of integration into the alliance of Macedonia sharply intensified.