Himars Missile Launch


American "HIMARS" in Syria is able to destroy C-400 in Turkey

C-400 placed in Turkey could be under attack by missile systems.

Against the background of the information that Turkey, under the guise of Russian C-400 missiles, could launch a military invasion of the northern part of Syria, the Kurds declared that they could receive the American HIMARS systems, which, as it turned out, can not only inflict significant damage to the Turkish army, but also to destroy the Turkish C-400.

“The Russian ZRS C-400 is not adapted for intercepting missiles and missiles from MLRS. Given the fact that Turkey does not have the Pantsir-S ZRPK, and this problem has already been highlighted, the C-400 located near the Syrian border are vulnerable targets. ”, - the expert notes.

A few days earlier, the Kurds published the destruction of the Turkish radar, located, by the way, on the territory of Turkey, which indicates that certain risks for the Turkish Triumphs do exist. Moreover, in the destruction of the C-400 may be interested in Washington, because it will undermine the credibility of the Russian air defense systems.

On the other hand, analysts did not rule out the possibility that Turkey could still acquire Russian Pantsir air defense missile systems, which will protect the most long-range air defense systems in the world, especially since the cost of these complexes is relatively small.

And Russia can destroy all bases anywhere in the world) but this will be a declaration of war) If the Kurds are not fools, they will not give Turkey a reason to sweep the territory of Syria from the Kurds.