American fighter "pretended" Russian Su-30CM

The USAF tried to "pretend" by the Russian Su-30CM.

The information portal has at its disposal unique photographs that captured an American combat aircraft imitating a fourth-generation Russian fighter Su-30CM. In the photos you can see that the “make-up” of the American combat aircraft is almost completely identical to the camouflage of the Russian fighter, and this is not the first time that American military aircraft repaint the colors of the Russian Federation Air Force fighter.

It is reported that the reason why the American combat aircraft is simulated by the Russian Su-30CM fighter is tritely simple - this F-18 fighter should become part of the program for training American pilots in air combat with Russian combat aircraft, which, however, raises many questions experts on whether this technique is so effective, as the flight performance and combat qualities of the Russian Su-30CM, is completely different.

It should be clarified that earlier photos appeared on the web, which depicted American fighters in the colors of Russian Su-35C and Su-57.

Yes, they do it for provocations, that is not clear then.


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