American complex "Patriot" destroyed by Hussites

Hussites destroyed the Patriot system.

A few hours ago it became known that the Hussites had launched another attack on the positions of the Saudi military, as a result of which the Patriot complex was destroyed. The attack was carried out with the use of drones Qasef-2K, one of which with an accurate hit to the launcher, destroyed it.

At the moment, this information has been confirmed by the Al Masira television channel, but so far no official comments have been received from the authorities of Saudi Arabia. However, previously American missile defense systems deployed in Saudi Arabia did not respond to drone attacks, and therefore, the information that appeared may well be true.

According to experts, if the drone did destroy the American missile defense system “Patriot”, it will be the strongest blow to the American weapons and reputation of this country, because earlier in Washington they said that the complex “Patriot” is a reliable system.

Moreover, days earlier it became known that at the attack on a military airbase near the city of Najran, at least one attack helicopter of Saudi Arabia was destroyed, and two more were seriously damaged.

There are many launchers, an air defense system is destroyed, if either the radar or gearbox are destroyed

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