Convertoplane Bell MV-22 Osprey


The American convertoplane has lost part of the fuselage off the coast of Okinawa

The American military envelope began to fall apart off the coast of Japan.

According to Japanese media, following a series of incidents with US military helicopters, February 10, off the coast of Okinawa, an unpleasant incident occurred with the American military convertoplane Bell MV-22 Osprey. It is reported that the aircraft, during the execution of a training flight, lost the 13-kilogram part of the skin. By happy coincidence, the incident occurred in the separation from settlements, and as a result of the incident no one was hurt, while the US Department of Defense preferred to keep silent about what had happened.

Specialists, in turn, questioned the fact that the US military armament envelopes Bell MV-22 Osprey are safe, especially since last year there were at least four incidents with these aircraft.

It is assumed that the current case will only strengthen the protests of the residents of Okinawa against the deployment of American military bases in Japan, especially since one of the incidents has seriously injured the Japanese teenager, who was hit by a heavy porthole of a transport helicopter.

According to experts, most of the incidents with American air technology are associated with its poor-quality maintenance.