An American aircraft armed with torpedoes flew over Russian submarines

An American military aircraft armed with torpedoes flew over Russian submarines.

A few hours ago, the American Poseidon anti-submarine military aircraft appeared in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, armed with torpedoes and depth charges, which flew only a few kilometers from the positions of Russian military submarines, not far from the Russian Navy base in Tartus.

According to publicly available resources that allow tracking the air situation, the US military anti-submarine plane headed straight for the Russian Navy base in Tartus, however, subsequently headed north and tried to approach the Russian Hmeimim air base.

The purpose of the appearance of an American military anti-submarine aircraft in this area is still unknown, however, the increased incidence of the appearance of military aircraft of the US Navy and US Air Force near Russian bases in Syria may indicate a renewed interest in Washington in carrying out intelligence operations in the area where the Russian military is present.

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