Senator Richard Black


US Senator accused Trump of supporting terrorists

Senator Richard Black accused Donald Trump of supporting terrorists.

Against the background of how the President of the United States of America announced that Washington intends to prevent a large-scale offensive on the Idyll province of Syria, currently held by the armed opposition, militants and terrorists, US Senator Richard Black issued a statement in which he stated that by their actions, the US has turned into a terrorist organization, not to mention the support of militants and illegal armed bandit groups.

"And this concerns not only the Syrian conflict, it concerns the entire so-called Arab Spring, which the Americans have been preparing for at least five years. In Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood came to power; in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood came to power, and so on. US bombs Syria, but kills more civilians than terrorists. ", - Black declared.

In fact, the US senator urged Washington to abandon further escalation of the conflict and provide assistance to militants and terrorists, and fully supported Bashar Assad's intentions to continue bombarding the positions of the radicals, stressing that only after the destruction of terrorists can a peaceful life return to this Arab state.