Aircraft C-17


American special forces were urgently evacuated by plane due to the offensive of the Russian military

The US military was compared to running rats in front of the advancing "Russians."

Due to the large-scale offensive operation conducted under the direct leadership of the Russian military from the Wagner PMC, the American special forces had to be urgently evacuated from Tripoli in a large military transport aircraft. The US troops themselves demanded the evacuation, stating that the situation in the Tripoli region has escalated so much that there is a serious risk of a clash with the Russian military.

The actions of the US military were compared with the actions of rats fleeing a sinking ship in the event of the slightest danger, although recently Washington announced that the US military would be in Libya for as long as needed, but it was obvious that the military itself other plans.

“Correction: last night, this US Air Force C-17A heavy cargo plane from 437 wing with serial number 10-0221 and call sign RCH111 flew from Ramstein air base <...>. He evacuated US special forces and several civilians from Libya”- says Babak Tagway.

It should be clarified that days before it was reported that the offensive operation in Tripoli was commanded by the Russian military, the number of which in Libya, by the way, according to various sources, can range from 300 to 1500 people.

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