US Special Forces captured Russian Major General in Syrian Manbij

The United States announced the capture of a Russian general in the Manbij area.

According to the statement of the US Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, in the area of ​​the Syrian city of Manbij, a Russian major general, who openly moved around the territory of Syria, was intercepted and captured, despite the fact that the territory in the Manbij area was not even under the control of U.S. troops.

“There were problems with deconflicting the situation in Manbij about 14 months ago, when the Russians moved to the south-eastern part of this part of the country. Once we already intercepted the Russian major general, who was driving towards the city of Manbridge. "- said the US Special Representative for Syria.

According to Jeffrey, as part of deconflict actions, the Russian major general was subsequently released.

It is noteworthy that no official statements to this effect were made by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, however, experts draw attention to the fact that such actions by the United States are unacceptable.

“First of all, a dangerous situation should be prevented. Imagine what would be the reaction to the actions of Russia, if initially American planes over eastern Syria crashed, and then the details of such flights were clarified? ”, - said the analyst

They turned over, sewed an alibi, and now they will send them back.

of our rulers for unearned income in Siberia !!! those. theft!

Rob is reasonable!

Two facts about hostilities, with ambiguous conclusions, the Conflict, and in fact the war with Japan in Mongolia, left Japan’s military ambitions for a long time, and at the same time encouraged us to conflict with Finland. The war with Finland showed that we have something to work on, and may indirectly prompted Hitler to attack us. Although Hitler was guilty of Hitler’s attack on the USSR, he had a “visiting” deputy. Hitler’s Gass, through which Churchill promised Hitler to take his side in a conflict with the USSR. And even on the eve of the war, British planes loaded into the vehicles a complete combat set of bombs to bomb the Baku oil rigs. And only Hitler’s attack on the USSR transferred Gass from the status of “guest” to the rank of prisoner. Before the Nuremberg trials, where he wanted to say something about the start of the war, but the representative of Britain barked at him, and throughout the whole process, Gass did not utter a word and received a life sentence, he was guarded in turn by the Guard of the United States, Britain, the USSR, Gorbachev, with with his stupid initiatives, after the unification of Germany, he proposed to amnesty Gess. And while guarding the British watch, Gass found himself in a loop. According to Britain, he hanged himself. Has Gass, who has served several decades, decided to hang himself before being released? Bullshit! Something is known to Gass, which in no way should have become the property of the world public, especially Germany. Britons ally for NATO. Millions of victims in Germany alone, and 0,332 million in Britain, are not comparable. Churchill achieved his goal, got crushed Germany, preserving and adding potential to Britain, suffered enormous losses of the USSR. The same fact, fifty years later, Thatcher did not allow to declassify the meaning of Churchill's negotiations with Gess, and still it is a mystery with seven seals. And today's events in Syria show our inability to solve global problems. Syria is drawn into the conflict, where a small part of the Alawite coastal population is in power, while others dispute this power. Russia supports Saad, because he gave the oil storage and fertilizers to Sechin and some other Russian billionaire. The interests of Russians there do not smell. Syria is divided into zones, like Ukraine in the Donbass and the rest, and oil storage facilities are under the control of the United States and the Kurds, not controlled by Saadam. We are left with police functions in a foreign country, with incomprehensible goals. To become a referee in that which is unknown to us, who has a more authoritative Allah, True! How much money, equipment, manpower was lost, for what, who would say. The interests of Sechin and the oligarchy are not the interests of the Russians! The only clear thing is that we have something to work on and very thoroughly. And in Libya, at first they allowed to defeat Gaddafi, and now speaking on one of the parties, it is not a fact that this choice is right. Some kind of Marshal, he began for health and froze, it’s time for him to play the funeral. Turkey openly opposed him, and NATO is ready to do the same, and the UN is not on the side of Marshall. On all fronts, only embarrassment.

and in what place was he captured? ... if at all captured.
Most of all I liked the fact that the United States immediately triumphantly occupied the territory with which our

and what when they embed begin shoygu silent

Hi SSanko Gandon Analovich

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Recently, many do not understand our Russian Defense Ministry? And they, those who were not legitimate (USA), even had a captain or lieutenant in the rank, or again only sergeants?

There was more than one, definitely. The support was neutralized. Syrian or ours.

The Americans, like, in fact, any coward, are ready to lie for any reason and without, if only their nosy BROCHURE was not visible. The capture of our general is three smelly "pugs" in front of an elephant. Can you imagine that the general would move around the "territory of the war" without escort of special forces and air cover ??? And, the Pindos captured the general without a single shot to the side in his? Why do Poles behave in this way towards Russia and our victory over the Nazis ??? It is very simple !!! Russia always beat the Poles when they came to Russia "with the sword"! And the Teutons were beaten regularly! And the Nazis, "bros", like-minded people, comrades-in-arms (in the sense of CO RATNIKOV) Poles and Balts-WE defeated !!! AND NO POLAND AND THE BALTIC ARE NOT AFFECTED OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, THEY SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED CONQUERED, LOSED !!! EVERYONE WHO Fought ON THE SIDE OF Hitler VOLUNTARY, BELIEVING, CAN NOT BE WINNERS !!!

Why do Poles behave in this way towards Russia and our victory over the Nazis ??? It is very simple !!! Russia always beat the Poles when they came to Russia "with the sword"! And the Teutons were beaten regularly! And the Nazis, "bros", like-minded people, comrades-in-arms (in the sense of CO RATNIKOV) Poles and Balts-WE defeated !!! AND NO POLAND AND THE BALTIC ARE NOT AFFECTED OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, THEY SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED CONQUERED, LOSED !!! EVERYONE WHO Fought ON THE SIDE OF Hitler VOLUNTARY, BELIEVING, CAN NOT BE WINNERS !!!

SUPPORT !!!!!!!

To capture in captivity, you need to fight with those whom you capture. Something is not heard about the beginning of the military operations of America with Russia.
It would be more correct to write about the operation carried out by the Americans to seize a military man of the Russian Federation on the territory of the SAR.
And where is the response operation? Where are the captured Americans, illegally located on the territory of the ATS?

"The more successful you are at war on foreign territory, the less is the desire of your enemies to attack you on yours." A beautiful phrase that has nothing under it. The USSR managed to fight the Japanese before the WWII in Mongolia, and in Finland received a lesson, while the Germans reached Moscow 4 months later. One of the messages for Hitler to start a war in the USSR was information about the destruction of experienced military leaders in the USSR.

The only decent and decent comment

Patriotic! I support!

Or maybe this is not a general at all! A mummer with lime xiva!

the two penultimate commanders of the gru, not major generals, higher up, gave their lives for Syria. Commander-in-chief through Syria drove almost all the generals. not everyone was lucky.

The matter, Nikolai, is simple. The more successful you are at war on foreign territory, the less is the desire of your enemies to attack you on yours. They understand that you will get them.

Well, yes, yes, of course - "Russia has betrayed everyone." And it’s not clear that grandfathers gave hundreds of lives, fathers plowed, so that everything was fine in Poland, and sons did not want to. Traitors, damn it! No guys. The principle - give the Pole, so that he spat at you, there will be no more. We will continue to live by arithmetic. Until 600 lives, including my grandfather, are returned, you owe me. And to my four-year-old son, from childhood, I will inspire that the Poles owe him for the life of his great-grandfather.

To know such a Russian general, if he, like a bag of potatoes, is dragged across Syria to whom it is not lazy. The commander of horseradish ....

Both Bulgaria and Poland were first betrayed by Gobachev, and naturally, Yeltsin. At that time, they had no choice but to bow to the USA, EU and NATO. Then Putin began to betray the former allies))) Spanking did not see the dagger in Gaddafi's anal. Then Vovan managed it and began to wrap up the rails.

Ssanko, have you already described yourself from "happiness" ???

Ivan, you didn’t have to “mow” from the army, maybe you should know the difference between the shoulder straps of a major general (one star) and an ensign (two stars).

Gene, first learn to read and write, otherwise you won’t even be able to learn instructions for changing diapers)

Oh, there are no guards! He didn’t want to shoot himself for the sake of Putin’s military secrets, now he will give out all secrets to the Americans

Do you want to write in Russian, learn a language.

A thief should be in jail. But why should we waste our strength in a foreign country? Help yes, but fight mercilessly, why? There are few examples with Bulgaria or Poland.

With what?

Learn Charter son. The ensign is a micro lieutenant general. Senior Warrant Officer - Colonel General. I have another question: what is the general there (if it was a general) shied away? One.


Looks like our general, however, the Americans do not shine with novelty. The hell incident knows how much is ripe, and the message is today. I wonder why? Or can our liberal media impose a message on us? He is the same as any Russian success as a sickle in ... and then the President managed to fly to Israel, communicate with the Palestinians, and everywhere without incident (except for a Palestinian cap. Well, how can one hit the audience?

output one retaliatory strike, as recorded in the doctrine. Do not hit first.

why no one is burning that he may have been arrested in order to save his life, because moved without security

Similar to ours, however, Americans do not lose their dignity, indulge in diversity.

about 14 months ago - it only dawned on them, as on the Estonians?

More precisely, junior lieutenant (they both have one star)

Another trick of American clowns under the auspices of the TRUMP CLOWN

Something stoned they got stoned ...

What have I read now? A set of letters and a liter of 40 degree American bravado that they have captured someone somewhere. Yes, in the rank of general. If not captured then intercepted. There are no facts and proofs, but this news is rushing on the Runet with terrible power and a powerful choke of the money paid for it. Are you tired?

Quietly, the United States is in Syria as occupiers, morally they are in a losing position, time is against them. Another question is whether our guys need to fight the United States? I think that this is not the territory of Russia, and we do not claim to be this territory. We are helping the Syrian government, and that is already worth a lot.

If the general has not complied with the physio standard, then send him to Manbij - let him walk on the roads.

Micro Major General, this is the ensign.

The founder of world terrorism - the U.S. state, who does not give a damn about the rules of world law in Syria, must be gradually squeezed out of the territory of Syria and especially from oil fields, organizing all kinds of sabotage, including using unmanned aerial vehicles and special units performing speeoperations. It is in our power. We will just fight mercilessly with states that live on, say, unearned income, and are engaged in, say, robbing oil in Syria !!! (;-)

Was he voicing his dream? Moy general and unaccompanied? Maybe micro general moyor is a junior lieutenant?


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