Tank destroyed


An American helicopter destroyed the most protected Russian tank. Video

A video was published with the destruction of the most protected Russian tank.

A video appeared on the Web that captured the moment of the defeat of the most protected Russian tank by the Invictus American attack helicopter. In the video presented, you can see how, as a result of the launch of unguided missiles, the latter precisely hit the latest Russian Armata tank, and after a few seconds the helicopter was already firing from 20 mm. aircraft guns and BMP T-15.

The promotional video is official - it was posted by Bell in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the latest Invictus attack helicopter, and a few weeks earlier a video appeared that captured the moment of destruction of the latest Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Nevertheless, experts call such a video the developer’s fantasies, since in reality, from such a distance, the American Invictus attack helicopter would be destroyed by almost any air defense system, including self-propelled anti-aircraft mounts.

“Even using cannon weapons, air targets can be hit at a distance of several kilometers. Given the height of the flight of the American helicopter, it can be assumed that it would have been detected at least 70-80 kilometers and successfully destroyed. In the USA, they either don’t realize the capabilities of the Russian air defense systems, or they demonstrate another fantastic “cartoon” that has nothing to do with reality ”, - said the analyst Avia.pro.

The Americans showed the cartoon. These are their fantasies and more visible battlefield1

Damn, where's the Hulk? :))))

But for some reason, the burnt Leopard 2 in the picture.

We believe. Arrive faster. We are afraid of you. We have no weapons.

Interestingly, did they get the ARMAT for filming directly from the Kremlin? Violent fantasy and Pindosya dreams embodied in cartoons!

Everything will be exactly the opposite.

Apparently there is not enough money to shoot “Rambo-10”, they decided to make an animation ... Americans are no longer able to do anything but stamp cartoons in which they can afford to dream up ...


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