An American warship attacked an Iranian ship with missiles. Video

It became known about the attack of the US "USS Normandy" on an Iranian ship with weapons.

The Russian television channel Zvezda reports that the Iranian ship, being in the Arabian Sea, was attacked by the US Navy, in particular, it is reported that the USS Normandy warship was attacked.

“In the Arabian Sea, a US Navy ship detained a ship with Iranian anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. A small vessel was detained on February 9, but the US Central Command published data only on Thursday, February 13. “The seized weapons include 150 anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)“ Dehlaviye ”, which are Iranian copies of the Russian ATGM“ Cornet ”. The other weapons components captured on board were of Iranian construction and production and included three Iranian air-to-air missiles, ”the command said. It is specified that Iranian thermal imaging sights and components for drones and surface ships, as well as other ammunition, were discovered on board ”- сообщает TRC "Star".

It is reported that the ship belonged to Iran, but was not military, which, by the way, does not at all explain the reason why the US military attacked the ship, even if there were weapons on board, which does not exclude a possible response from Iran

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