The American military aircraft "cut" the Russian aerospace forces near the borders of Syria

A U.S. Navy military aircraft conducted a dangerous maneuver near the side of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As follows from the data provided by the Ita Mil Radar information resource, which monitors the air situation over the Mediterranean Sea, an American military plane made a dangerous maneuver near the plane of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation during the last takeoff from the Khmeimim air base. The American military aircraft was not only a short distance from the flight route of the An-124 military transport aircraft, but also headed straight for it.

"At these moments, we are tracking an interesting military activity around Syria. American planes are on an observation mission at Russian military facilities in Syria and the Russian military transport aircraft:

  • 1 aircraft of the US Air Force Boeing RC-135W (62-4132) took off from the AB Bay Court, performing a reconnaissance mission over the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea;
  • 1 plane of the US Navy Boeing P-8A (reg. Unknown) took off from Sigonella air base with a similar mission;
  • 1 aircraft of the Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 (RA-82010) leaves the air base in Lpatakia;"

, - the resource reports.

Judging by the photograph presented, the US military aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon was still located at a distance of several tens of kilometers from the Russian An-124, and, obviously, did not pose a threat, however, you can also notice that under the cover of a Russian aircraft, the American Boeing P- 8 Poseidon headed straight for the Khmeimim airbase, apparently carrying out a study of the effect of radars on Russian air defense systems.

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Airplane speed, approximately 15km per min. Learn TTD and arithmetic


A few tens of kilometers, and already cut ... balabol * a ... ... How can you believe such people?

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A few tens of kilometers, and already cut ... balabol * a ... ... How can you believe such people?