Interception aircraft


American military aircraft seen near the Crimea

American reconnaissance aircraft reappeared off the coast of the Crimea.

The monitoring resource "PlaneRadar" reported that on March 22, a US Air Force plane was spotted near the coast of the Crimea. It was the Boeing RC-135 - an electronic reconnaissance aircraft.

The aircraft, having a tail number 64-1484, took off in the morning from the Court’s air base in Greece. This base is one of the strongholds of the NATO Navy in the eastern Mediterranean. Having flown over the Black Sea, the plane in 14: 25 was already conducting exploration south of the Crimean peninsula.

The activity of foreign reconnaissance planes and drones near the Russian borders has recently increased. Much more often, they began to appear near Russian military facilities located abroad. The appearance of the aircraft is characterized by regularity over the Baltic Sea, the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. Scouts regularly appear near the Russian military base in Syria.

the trick of this flight is that he watched Turkey more than the Crimea

Why AMERIC scouts fly near our borders? Because they can. If our scouts can fly along their borders, let them fly. They have a right. If they can ...


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