Sikorsky S-97 helicopter


American high-speed helicopter Sikorsky S-97 is allowed to test

In the United States, testing of a high-speed reconnaissance helicopter begins.

According to information provided by the information publication "Aviation Week", the American high-speed helicopter Sikorsky S-97 will soon begin to pass its tests, after which, this aircraft can begin to be produced serially, thereby becoming one of the fastest helicopters in history. Previously, the helicopter Sikorsky S-97 had already been subjected to their tests, however, for a number of reasons, in August 2017 tests were suspended, which was most likely due to identified technical problems.

In the future, the Sikorsky S-97 can accelerate to 408 km / h. (cruising speed is 370 km / h), which will allow him to quickly overcome distances, and given the fact that this aircraft is supposed to be supplied to the US Air Force, the air means is perfect for reconnaissance.

According to the source of the resource, the main purpose of the high-speed helicopter Sikorsky S-97 will be the replacement of obsolete and physical worn-out cars HE-58V Kiowa Warrior.

During his recent tests, the pilot of the Sikorsky S-97 helicopter began to rapidly lose altitude and made a hard landing, as a result of which the project was sent for technical refinement, although there was no mention of what exactly the problem was about.

* Sikorsky S-97 - reconnaissance helicopter of the American company Sikorsky Aircraft, built in a coaxial scheme with a pushing screw in the tail section. It is based on the experimental helicopter X2. The first flight of S-97 took place 22 May 2015 year in Florida, USA.

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