X-37B drone


American X-37B seriously threatens Russia

The secret American space drone X-37B is a threat to Russia.

A few days ago it became known that a secret American space unmanned aerial vehicle had returned to Earth, which had been in space for 512 days. The goal of such a prolonged finding of X-37B in the orbit of the planet remains unknown, however, according to analysts, this aircraft can pose a serious threat to Russia.

The US spacecraft has a relatively compact size, and it is most likely to judge that it can carry nuclear ballistic missiles on its board, at least, it is illogical. Nevertheless, according to experts, its dimensions are quite suitable in order to place here the means for controlling Russian spacecraft, a high-power laser, etc.

“What is inside the unmanned X-37B is very difficult to judge. It is unlikely that there are missiles on board, but a laser capable of destroying ballistic missiles may well be located here. It is possible that the device may also contain means for monitoring Russian military satellites. ”, - the expert marks.

Remarkable is the fact that today no Russian rocket can knock down an American space drone, not to mention the fact that it is also very difficult to detect it.

It is necessary to mark this and FOLLOWING FOR ANYTHE NOT AN EMISSION EYE !!! VALERY 50.

Sure to! As soon as this rocket is made (at least, the KS-172).

knock down x-37b can even blink-31bm missile


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