US Embassy in Baghdad partially destroyed as a result of direct missile hit

As a result of a direct hit of a rocket at the American embassy, ​​the latter was partially destroyed.

A few hours ago, pro-Iranian military units in Iraq attacked the US military embassy in Baghdad, firing at least five missiles on it, while at least one of them successfully hit the building of the US embassy, ​​resulting in the building being partially destroyed.

“Missiles fired by armed members of the militia fell on the territory of the US Embassy in Baghdad. The embassy restaurant or dining room was damaged and burned. ”, - reports "Liveuamap MiddleEast".

Resource managed to obtain information that as a result of a direct hit of a rocket in the embassy building, there are victims. According to the sources, it is about injuring three members of the security service of the American embassy, ​​while it is alleged that the building of the diplomatic department received very serious damage, while the likelihood of new missile attacks remains very high.

At the moment, none of the pro-Iranian military formations in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the rocket attack on the US embassy, ​​however, there is evidence that members of the Hezbollah organization may be behind the shelling.

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