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Analyst: Russian C-500 will not be needed by the world

Russian SAM systems C-500 "Prometheus" may be unclaimed.

The “Sina” publication published an article in which the analyst discusses whether the Russian C-500 “Prometheus” will be in demand in the world. According to the expert, the newest Russian complexes really have no analogues in the world in terms of their range (the estimated maximum radius of destruction of air targets will be 600 kilometers - ed.), But this air defense system will have a huge cost almost equivalent to THAAD systems. which is also the defeat of ballistic missiles.

The cost of one C-500 Prometheus complex is expected to be about 2-2,5 billion dollars, which is extremely large for small countries, especially since the Sina publishing house previously published an article in which it said that China does not intend to acquire Russian SAM.

"China is betting on the development of its own missile defense systems, which are highly reliable, but at the same time have a low cost, a typical example is the complex" FD-2000 "(" Red Flag "," HQ-9 ", etc.) which, though made on the basis of the Soviet C-300, but is able to effectively perform the tasks ", - the expert emphasizes.

According to the Chinese analyst, the demand for Russian S-500 SAM systems "Prometheus" can be extremely low and this development will not be able to recoup itself.

* C-500 Prometey is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM); in the developer’s terminology, an anti-aircraft missile system developed by Concern VKO Almaz-Antey as a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems. tasks of destruction of ballistic and aerodynamic purposes. The main objective of the complex is to combat the combat equipment of medium-range ballistic missiles: it is possible to intercept an MRSD with a launch range of up to 3500 km, and, if necessary, an ICBM in the final segment of the trajectory and, within certain limits, in the middle segment.

And how did you come to the idea of ​​increased reliability of domestic electronics?

The main thing is that S-500 should benefit Russia.

Do you think that the military uses imported electronic equipment? You are mistaken, for example, our missiles and spaceships only fly on Russian electronics since it is much more reliable than imported

Right! The analyst can count yes three. More - a sky-high distance!

The article is strange somehow: (This complex was developed, first of all, not for sale, it is necessary for Russia, it is needed, not claimed - by whom? Can it be sold to anyone? Because if we take China or India - it can not (they are themselves potential enemies, since they themselves have intercontinental missiles).

Consider further launches

You at least make a child to begin with and then write here)

I want to add that the "teeth" of the PRC. Since the beginning of the year, the PRC has carried out 19 space launches - the most in the world, behind it the US - 18 launches, Russia - only 9. Draw conclusions.

Yes, they just will not sell electronics and we, too, will not be able to do it.

If you exclude words from the text, it may be possible, it is supposed, etc. then there will be only the opinion of the Chinese expert and nothing more than the modernization of the Soviet system with-300 by Chinese "experts."

And why should small countries fight ICBMs? They need C-300 and C-400. At their expense, C-500 will pay off.

PRC is unlikely to be "in the teeth" to make an analogue of 500. If we consider that all world producers are trying to withdraw their production from the PRC now, without the financing that is currently being spent by the PRC through the issuance of brands, it will generally prove difficult to even contain its 1.5 million army.

It is not necessary to dissemble. Buy as always 3-4 complex and copy 1: 1.

Nobody doubts that the world needs only "Patriot". =)))

Maybe it will be different things and it is unlikely that the Chinese will do something like this because copy C-500 nowhere to push their duplicates will not succeed

Will buy, good. They will not, it's not bad either. Russia will have such weapons, which no one else has. It is done first of all for oneself.