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"Antonov": Ukrainian authorities refused to support us

The management of the state enterprise “Antonov” declared the absence of support from the authorities.

As follows from the information at the disposal of the information portal, today the situation for the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise Antonov is very difficult, because due to the lack of orders, the work of the aircraft manufacturer is almost completely stopped. Moreover, it is reported that the Ukrainian government pretends that it does not notice the emerging problems and refuses to allocate funds to support this enterprise, which of course, in the near future, will lead to bankruptcy.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that today the products manufactured by the once largest aircraft manufacturing enterprise in the USSR are simply not needed by anyone, since Canadian aircraft manufacturers refused to cooperate with Ukraine in the aviation industry, the project to create a military aircraft for the UAE was frozen, and Chinese authorities decided to abandon the acquisition of rights to the production of An-225 aircraft.

As will unfold the situation around the Ukrainian state enterprise "Antonov" in the future, it is very difficult to assume, however, without proper support, the aircraft manufacturer will simply cease to exist, and. according to the calculations of experts, it can happen in 2020 already.