The Russian army intensified its offensive on Toretsk


The Russian army intensified its offensive on Toretsk

In recent days, the Russian military has increased pressure on Toretsk, taking control of the village of Shumy, a pumping station and a dump. The area around the village of Severnoye has become a new extremely hot spot of conflict. As of the end of June 21, the Russian Armed Forces continued to advance along the street parallel to the railway.

The Ukrainian side reports that Russian forces will try to build on their tactical success, attract additional reserves to the area and occupy Toretsk. This is a strategically important area, since control over Toretsk can significantly affect the course of hostilities in the region.

The occupation of Shumov and other infrastructure in the area underscores the significance of Russia's current offensive. The attack on Toretsk reflects the strategic goals of Russian forces and their desire to strengthen their positions.


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