An attack on the Druzhba oil pipeline in the Bryansk region could turn into a disaster

An attack on the Druzhba oil pipeline could leave Belarus and Europe without oil.

Against the backdrop of how the Ukrainian military has been attacking the Druzhba oil pipeline for the third day in a row, dropping improvised explosive devices from drones, as journalists have previously reported, it became known that serious damage to this oil pipeline could lead to to catastrophic consequences for neighboring Belarus and European countries.

In the presented image, the scheme of oil transportation through the Druzhba oil pipeline clearly demonstrates its strategic purpose. Moreover, apparently, the attack is planned just at the oil pumping station, since it is this object that plays a key role in the operation of the oil pipeline.

Given the ongoing attempts to attack the Druzhba oil pipeline, it is obvious that control over the oil pumping station will be strengthened, including through the deployment of additional electronic warfare equipment and air defense systems, since the oil pipeline's throughput capacity is 400 barrels of oil per day.


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