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Avangard, Sarmat and Peresvet are preparing for combat use

The latest Russian weapons put on combat duty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his message, said that the Avangard equipped with hypersonic planning blocks would take up combat duty in the 2019 year. Over the next eight years, Avangards will be deployed in at least two regiments in the 13 Dombarovsk Rocket Division (deployed in the Orenburg Region).

In each, it is planned to have six launchers with missiles UR-100NUTTH. At twelve (this is the minimum) of them will be installed hypersonic war blocks. According to the leading researcher of the Peter the First Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces, Doctor of Military Sciences, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Zakharov, the division is currently developing the infrastructure for the new complex. Completed geodetic training area. Combat launch positions are being built.

The newest missile system with a planning warhead will be able to hit targets with hypersonic speed (20 Mach). The height of its flight is several tens of kilometers. The flight path will not be ballistic. It will be held in dense layers of the atmosphere. For this reason, the unit will heat up to two thousand degrees.

Experts evaluate the possibility of defeating Avangard using at least 59 anti-missile missiles such as SM-3. That is, it is almost impossible to knock it down.

Perhaps, as the carrier of a new hypersonic weapon will be a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat", work on which is at the final stage. According to the researcher of the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces, Candidate of Military Sciences, Major-General Oleg Usatenko, the missile’s combat stage is being prepared to date. Bench tests of the engine are completed.

As the Hero of Russia, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Rear Admiral Vsevolod Khmyrov, notes, the ocean multi-purpose system "Poseidon" negates US efforts to create a global missile defense system. "Poseidon" - asymmetric and highly efficient weapons. His task is to counteract the strike forces of the US Navy.

There is information that the Poseidon can develop under water speed of almost 200 kilometers per hour, while being at a kilometer depth. In addition, he is able to actively maneuver there. For this reason, it is very difficult to intercept.

The rocket hypersonic complex "Dagger" from December 1 2017 of the year is experienced combat duty in the Southern Military District. In April, the 2018 of the year began flights of MiG-31 aircraft equipped with Dagger. In order to confirm the characteristics of the missiles, they were launched in adverse weather conditions.

From 1 December 2018, the Peresvet laser systems are on the test combat duty. The infrastructure for them was created in advance. The military units serving the complexes have undergone the necessary retraining.

Peresveta will reliably close the most important state, defense and industrial areas of Russia. They can hit not only air targets, but also orbital satellites.

The youngest of the UR-100N UTTH - 1985 g release. The service life after all renewals is 35 years, i.e. maximum 2020 By this time, P-36М2 in Dombarovskaya is expected to be replaced by Sarmatians and rearranged blocks on them. God help you, wait.


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